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Whether you have a sporting goods store, boutique, arts and crafts store, or other retail store, the Floor Signholder is an essential display to have! Palay Display stocks a great selection of Floor Signholders. From basic to deluxe styles, you are sure to find the perfect Floor Signholder. Palay Display also carries a bulletin style Floor Signholders, as well as easel style models, depending on what you need. There is also a pedestal style Floor Signholder, if you want to display movie posters, for example. We also carry a write on/wash off Floor Signholder, if you wish to create your own messages with our special rain resistant fluorescent markers. If you cannot find the right Floor Sign Holder, please chat online or call one of our knowledgeable representatives who will assist you.


Floor Signholders

Palay Display carries a great selection of Floor Signholders. The Floor Signholder is perfect for a variety of settings, from sporting goods stores to boutiques, to other retail stores and more. If you can