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Frequently Asked Questions about Disposable Makeup Masks

Disposable Makeup Mask

What is the purpose of the Disposable Makeup Mask? The disposable makeup mask protects customers' makeup while they try on garments which pull over their head. In addition, the disposable makeup mask prevents merchandise from becoming marked by makeup. The disposable makeup mask also prevents earrings from snagging the fabric of garments, safeguarding the garments from damage.

What retailers can benefit from the Disposable Makeup Mask? Any retailers who have customers trying on garments which pull over their heads will benefit from the use of the disposable makeup mask. In addition to protecting merchandise, customers will appreciate their makeup not being compromised.

How can the Disposable Makeup Mask save my business money? The disposable makeup mask prevents makeup from marking up garments, and protects against earrings snagging the fabric of garments. Due to these benefits, your retail business will be able to save money by not having to take damaged garments out of stock, preserving more of your inventory in perfect condition even after being tried on and returned to the rack.

How is the Disposable Makeup Mask packaged? The disposable makeup mask is offered in two types of packing. You are able to choose which packaging works best for your needs. A box of disposable makeup masks quickly and easily dispenses a disposable makeup mask when your customer needs one. Individually wrapped disposable makeup masks means your customers can place the disposable makeup mask back in its plastic bag after use, and reuse the same disposable makeup mask on a later trip to the fitting room, rather than using a new disposable makeup mask each trip.

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