/Proven Concepts to Reality : Octagon Merchandiser

Designed for a Golf Proshop Environment by Palay Display's Elements Division, the Octagon Merchandiser was part of an entire layout package for a public golf course.

The Octagon Merchandiser fit the customer's required storage and display in one. The shelving offers maximum storage while the slatwall gives the versatility of changing different slatwall hardware to fit the current merchandising trends in the Golf Proshop. The top of the unit was kept flat to provide for an additional display area.

The merchandiser was built of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with a pine veneer woodgrain finish. A black LPL kickboard is located at the bottom of the unit. Chrome Faceouts and Waterfalls are currently is being used on this unit, but the versatility of the unit is such that other colors and hardware could be used. Customer also purchased natural wood hangers for merchandising to complement the unit.

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