/Proven Concepts to Reality : 4-Way Apparel Display

Designed for a High-End Hockey Arena Proshop by Palay Display's Elements Division, the merchandiser was designed to fit the existing decor of the Pro Shop.

The 4-way Apparel Display meets the needs of the customer by providing a cross-merchandising fixture for apparel and franchise merchandise while maintaining a high-end appearance. The 4-way Display replaced chrome 4-way racks. Slatwall on all four sides of this unit gives the versatility of changing different slatwall hardware to fit the current merchandising trends in the Arena's Proshop. At over 5 feet tall the unit could accommodate 2 levels of apparel by using straight faceouts instead of chrome waterfalls. Cross merchandising clothing with other items such as key chains and pennants can also be achieved with slatwall display hooks. The top of the unit was kept flat to provide for an additional display area.

The display was built of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with a maple veneer woodgrain finish. A maple veneer woodgrain kickboard is located at the bottom of the unit. The unit was then stained with a custom mix. Cove molding was used on the cap to give the unit an elegant look. Chrome Faceouts and Waterfalls are currently being used on this unit, but the versatility of the unit is such that other colors and hardware could be used.


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