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Non-Slip Metal Hanger with Swivel - 16

Non-Slip Metal Hanger with Swivel - 16" White

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16" Swivel Hook Metal Hangers. Our ever-popular non-slip metal hanger. This metal hanger is made of tempered steel, coated with a specially formulated nonslip plastic that C-U-S-H-I-O-N-S knitwear on the metal hanger. It helps to prevent the ugly bump in garments shoulder, and keeps garments from slipping off the metal hanger. Although primarily designed for knitwear, this metal hanger can be used for lingerie and other garments that may need the nonslip feature. This non-slip metal hanger was originally created in Europe and is now the most popular metal hanger on the continent for knitwear and dedicates. Priced and sold 100 hangers per case.

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