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Flip Wing Shirt Folding Board - Junior

Flip Wing Shirt Folding Board - Junior

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19.5"H x 23"W
With a more compact size, the Junior Flip-Wing is the perfect solution to organize and fold children's and petite's t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, long sleeve or short sleeve shirts. Easily fold pants, shorts, skirts, towels and even sheets. Ideal for retail or home use, the Junior Flip Wing Shirt Folding Tool saves you time and space. Now anyone can fold like a pro quickly and easily! Folds shirts to a standard 7" x 10" size, smaller than the standard Flip-Wing's folding size. This patented tool also features perforated "quick release" holes to avoid material holding to panels while folding. High quality patented construction made in the U.S.A. offers an average of 100,000 folds or 50,000 folded garments compared to other inferior import models. Note: Animation shows standard version for demo purposes. Click animation for Junior image