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Rack casters are a nice addition to any rack. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your rack caster questions.


4" Dia
4" Wheel with ball bearing pivot allows wheels to swivel freely. This is a replacement wheel for our #6100 and #6101 Rolling Racks.
$6.00 EA
SKU 9278
Caster Set for Z Garment Rolling Racks - Item #6102 and #6102X. These casters are durable and will provide you with a smooth rolling experience when using your Z Garment Rolling Rack. This set of casters includes two locking casters and two non-locking casters. For use with #6102 or #6102X - Z...
$19.95 ST
SKU 3166
Chrome Ball Casters, 3/8" Thread come in a set of four (4). Use the chrome ball casters to transform your fixtures into mobile fixtures. Chrome ball casters are the perfect accompaniment for a sales floor rack. Chrome ball casters are extremely useful for mobile stores and showcases.
$15.50 ST
SKU 3174
This Grid Caster Attachment is a great way to make your free-standing grid displays moveable! Simply slip the caster attachment and caster onto the end of your grid. Chrome Finish.
$4.50 EA
SKU 3124
Heavy duty metal construction. For various fixture applications.
$0.45 EA
SKU 3123
Heavy duty metal construction. For various fixture applications.
$0.50 EA
SKU 9174
Set of four casters. These casters are installed using a plate mount.
Sale Price / List Price
$2.95 ST / $6.95
SKU 3167
2" Twin Wheel Casters, 3/8" Thread. Set of 4. 2 of the twin wheel casters have locking brakes, and the other 2 twin wheel casters come without brakes.
$5.95 ST
SKU 3167X
The 2" Twin Wheel Casters come are sold in a set of four. The Twin Wheel Casters accept a 5/16 thread. Add Twin Wheel Casters to your racks to make them portable. Easily move your store displays around by adding Twin Wheel casters.
$5.95 ST