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Hang Tabs are perfect for any place you may need to hang a product. Quick and convenient, a store fixture like a hang tab may be just the right fit. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your Hang Tab questions.


SKU 1039
1 1/4"H x 7/8"W
The Hole Style Hang Tab is available in pads of 36 tabs. The hole style hang tab features a large center hole to fit many sizes and styles of fixtures. The hole style hang tab is sticky on one side allowing you to fix it to many different products.
$0.95 PD
SKU 1038
1 1/2"H x 1 1/2"W
The Hook Style Hang Tab is packaged per sheet of 20 tabs. The Hook style hang tab has a hook at the top allowing the merchandise to be hung off of hooks. The back of the hook style hang tab is sticky so that you are able to attach the hook style hang tab to many different products.
$0.98 PD
SKU 1037
1 1/2"H x 1 3/4"W
The Rectangular Hang Tab comes 20 hang tabs per sheet. Use the rectangular hang tab to hang items that did not come with hanging capabilities. The rectangular hang tab is your solution to those ever breaking hanging holes. The hanging tab is sticky on one side to stick to your merchandise.
$1.80 PD
SKU 2172
The Neck Tie Rider is priced and packaged per 100. Use the Neck Tie Rider to display your finest selection of ties in a neat and organized manner. Customers will be able to easily shop your selection when your ties are hung on the neck tie rider.
$4.95 C
SKU 8328
The Plastic Belt Rider adjusts for buckle size. This belt display hook is used by national retailers. Display your belts easily on hooks with this belt rider. Sizing area allows for belt brands or size labels. Priced and sold 100 per carton. Label area measures 1"H x 1 1/2"W.
$11.95 C
SKU 1084
1 3/4"H
Display-All Hook. Attach this display-all hook to winter hats, gloves, socks and other items in order to create and easy way to hang your products. Use these display-all hooks with our fasteners and tagging guns to attach to your merchandise just like a tag. The display-all hooks priced and sold...
$5.95 M