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SKU 32518
The Economy Talon Cell Phone Display Set includes everything you need to configure one cell phone display. The Economy Talon Cell Phone Display Set includes 1 - #32486 Recoiler Bracket, 1 - #32475 1.5mm Heavy-Gauge Recoiler, 1 - #32471 Adhesive Pads, 1 – #32488 Mounting Shoe, 1 - #32482 Recoil...
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$14.65 ST / $17.10
SKU 4880
2.5" W X 2" D X 2.5" H
This versatile device pod features a high-tech, self-contained design, and is perfect for cell phones, digital music players, GPS units, and any other personal electronic devices. The magnetic backplate self-centers on the pod using a square male/female fitting.
The Device Pod's backplate...
$28.85 EA
SKU 1023
1 1/2" x 3/4"
The In-Line Display Hook Lock makes it easy to secure product on metal or acrylic slatwall hooks, gridwall hooks and pegboard hooks. The bright red color calls attention to the lock so customers know the product has been secured. A proprietary magnetic key, #1024 (sold separately), is required...
$1.20 EA
SKU 1024
2"L x 1"Diameter
This Magnetic Key is required to use our Display Hook In-Line Lock, #1023 (sold separately). Hold the magnetic key up to the bottom of the lock, and the magnet releases the lock. This is a unique, powerful industrial magnet; ordinary magnets will not unlock the lock. Features...
$25.95 EA
SKU 3265
72" L
STOPLIFTER Garment Security Cable works with item #3263 STOPLIFTER Bracket (sold separately), as well as our previous STOPLIFTER Bracket, #3259 (no longer available). Also use this Garment Security Cable in showcases or on items at trade shows. Don't let your valuable merchandise go missing....
$3.99 EA
SKU 3263
6 1/2"H x 1 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D
STOPLIFTER Garment Security Universal Bracket, for retail garment security. The Universal STOPLIFTER Security Cable Bracket attaches to your garment rack's 1" square tubing, 1/2" x 1 1/2" rectangular tubing or 1 1/4" diameter round tubing for a quick, easy and secure garment security system. This...
$29.95 EA
SKU 3261
72" Cable, 8"Dia. Ring
Garment security cable with ring for a clothes rack. Ring, lock, 2 keys, and 72" clear coated aircraft cable included to protect 1 garment.
$4.30 EA
SKU 8221
1 9/16" x 1 9/16" x 9/16"
Protect your cell phones and other devices with our device retractors. This micro retractor features a flexible round tuit that conforms to the shape of your device. Works with flat surfaces or curved and irregular surfaces. Perfect for contoured universal remotes, wireless video game controllers...
$7.90 EA
SKU 8218
1 9/16" x 1 9/16" x 9/16"
Micro Retractor with Metal Tuit. Despite its small size, this micro retractor with metal tuit offers a strong steel coated cable in a square container measuring only 1 3/8" x 7/8".
$7.90 EA
SKU 8227
Just a quick scan gives you the confidence to ac-cept larger bills without question.
$59.95 EA
SKU 8219
1 9/16" x 1 9/16" x 9/16"
Micro retractor with tuit for cell phone security. Protect your cellular phone display samples with our cell phone retractors. Retractor cable is approximately 51"L. Note:Cell phone display, cell phone and hand shown in image not included.
$7.90 EA
SKU 8215
1 1/4" Diameter
Replacement adhesive pad for #8219 Micro Cell Phone Retractor. The adhesive pad measures 1 1/4" in diameter.
$0.50 EA