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Circular Labels Closeout Kit - 68 Rolls

Circular Labels Closeout Kit - 68 Rolls

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3/4" Dia Dots
68 rolls of 1,000 3/4" diameter dots! Now keep your folded shirts, sweats and pants always neat. Customers wont have to search for sizes. For your tagging and labeling needs. This closeout circular label kit contains a variety of white dots with red printed sizes. (1M/roll). This closeout circular label kit contains a total of 68 rolls. Each roll contains 1,000 - 3/4" diameter white with red printed dots, sized as follows:
  • Qty 15 Rolls of "XS"
  • Qty 11 Rolls of "S"
  • Qty 12 Rolls of "M"
  • Qty 5 Rolls of "L"
  • Qty 6 Rolls of "XL"
  • Qty 19 Rolls of "XXL"
Please note: This is a closeout item limited to quantity on hand. Only 1 kit available as of 2/5/2018.

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