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Palay Display carries Sonoma Valley Slatwall Wicker Baskets. Our slatwall wicker baskets are also known as willow baskets and work great for displaying gifts or other merchandise. The wicker baskets are earthy and warm. Wicker baskets make a great addition to a natural atmosphere. The wicker baskets are durable and will enhance any feature display with the beauty of the valley. The welded slatwall frames for the wicker baskets are finished in antique bronze and built to last. If you cannot find the exact Wicker Baskets you are looking for please chat online or call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your wicker basket questions.


Slatwall Wicker Basket

Palay Display offers the visually stunning Sonoma Valley Slatwall Wicker Baskets. Hang your Slatwall wicker baskets easily onto your slatwall panels using our slatwall frames. Use a slatwall wicker basket to display a variety of items.

Our slatwall wicker baskets are offered in two different styles. You can choose from the Oval set of wicker baskets or from the rectangular set of wicker baskets. The rectangular set of wicker baskets can also be hung from pegboard.

Wicker baskets are perfect for accenting your store. Wicker baskets can hold a variety of gifts or other merchandise. Use a wicker basket set for impulse items.

Palay Display offers three different sizes of Wicker Baskets. Both the oval set of wicker baskets and the rectangular set of wicker baskets are available in a small, medium, and large size. Mount them in descending size to make a great looking slatwall display.

Slatwall wicker baskets create a unique look to your slatwall display. Fill a wicker basket with house ware items. Our wicker baskets are perfect for stocking with smaller items.

Our slatwall wicker basket frames are easy to install. There is no additional hardware necessary. Just slip the frames into the slatwall panels and you are ready to go!

Palay Display offers many different slatwall displays. Sonoma Valley Slatwall Wicker Baskets are perfect for a natural feel. They will bring the warmth to your slatwall display!