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Palay Display offers a variety of slatwall lighting options. Light up your slatwall in style with one of our slatwall lights. Upgrade your slatwall display with a slatwall light. Slatwall jewelry displays can be featured with a slatwall light. Slatwall lights are easy to install and can add a lot to your retail space. Light up your featured clothing collections. Shine a slatwall light on your acrylic bins or acrylic baskets to highlight your merchandise. Take a slatwall light to a show or fair. Make your slatwall display stand out with a slatwall light. Chat online or call one of our sales representative to speak about slatwall lighting options. Palay Display has been selling store fixtures and store displays since 1945.


Slatwall Lights

Slatwall lights are a great addition to your retail space. Add slatwall lights over your acrylic slatwall display case to showcase your featured jewelry collection. Our acrylic slatwall displays will let the light shine on your merchandise.

Add a slatwall light above our slatwall cell phone displays to enhance the beauty of your cell phone options. Lighting will draw attention to any slatwall display. Your slatwall light will draw in the customer!

Palay Display offers a wide variety of slatwall accessories. Enhance any slatwall accessory by adding a slatwall light. Hang your slatwall light above an acrylic picture frame bracket. Our slatwall light can beautifully light your artwork.

Slatwall lighting can transform your retail space. Adding slatwall lights can create a beautiful atmosphere in your store. Light your slatwall jewelry displays and see the color and sparkle shine around your store.

Slatwall bullnose shelving can display many different products. Hanging a slatwall light above slatwall shelves allows you to feature certain products. Your products deserve to be featured with a slatwall light.

Slatwall lighting is the ideal way to showcase your merchandise on our slatwall panels. Slatwall hooks can hang your merchandise while slatwall lights can showcase that merchandise. Slatwalll lights are the perfect slatwall accessory.

Palay Display offers many store fixture solutions. Slatwall lights are a unique way to add to your slatwall displays. Chat online or call a sales representative to talk about slatwall lights.