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Try our pegboard displays for hats, caps, and helmets. We offer single pegboard cap displays, multiple pegboard hat displays, even heavy duty pegboard hat displays for helmets.


SKU 9228
9 1/2"H
Universal Mount Helmet Display. Fits slatwall, gridwall or pegboard. The universal mount helmet display is perfect for displaying motorcycle helmets or snowmobile helmets. 9 1/2"H, black. Extends 9 1/2" out from slatwall, grid or pegboard.
$4.75 EA
SKU 1661
4"W x 15"L x 5"H
Wide Brim Hat Display and Western Hat Holder. The wide brim hat display works well cowboy hats and oversized hats. The wide brim hat display / western hat display is universal and fits gridwall, slatwall and pegboard. A great cowboy hat display, western hat display and wide brim hat display.
$3.80 EA
SKU 2958
8 5/16"W x 13"D x 4 1/2"H
Fits Gridwall, Slatwall or Pegboard! This cap display hold up to 12 hats. Use this as a slatwall hat display, gridwall hat display or pegboard hat display. The cap display features a universal mounting system and fits all three formats.
$2.65 EA
SKU 2545
Now use the same single cap holder on slatwall, gridwall, slatgrid or pegboard! This single cap holder comes with a black finish.
$1.95 EA
SKU 3010PG
44 1/2
Our five pocket horizontal in-line "Cap Shelf" is ideal for eye catching mass merchandising. Each baseball cap display contains five pockets, and each pocket can hold up to a dozen hats. The entire cap display shelf holds up to 60 caps! Fits gridwall, pegboard and slatwall
$27.35 EA
SKU 1246
11 1/2"H
Classic Full Round Styrofoam Male Display Head. The styrofoam male display head includes a bracket hole. Use the #1245 Universal Display Head Bracket (sold separately), to display on slatwall, gridwall, slatgrid or pegboard. Use the male display head for displaying western hats, winter hats,...
$6.95 EA
SKU 1224
11 1/2"H
This full round styrofoam female display head includes a bracket hole. Use the #1245 - Universal Display Head Bracket (sold separately) to mount this display head on slatwall, gridwall, slatgrid or pegboard. Use the female display head for displaying winter hats, beanies, baseball caps, western...
$3.25 EA
SKU 1238
9 1/2"H
The Display Head with no face is a lightweight head form perfect for displaying items such as hats, scarves, or other merchandise. Place the display head with no face near an accessory table or next to your display of stocking caps. Also, this display head can be mounted to gridwall, slatwall or...
$3.99 EA
SKU 1245
Universal Display Head Bracket . Use this universal mount bracket as a slatwall display head bracket, gridwall display head bracket, slatgrid display head bracket or pegboard display head bracket. The display head bracket aligns with a bottom mounting cut-out on items #1224 and #1246 (sold...
$3.50 EA

Pegboard Cap Displays and Pegboard Hat Displays for Retail

Pegboard cap displays and Pegboard hat displays help you show off your merchandise. Use our pegboard cap displays for hats, caps, or helmets. Many pegboard hat displays are compatible with slatwall, pegboard, and gridwall. The Palay Display pegboard cap displays are the ultimate in versatility.

Pegboard hat displays allow the customization of your vertical sales area. Pegboard cap displays only take a moment to install. Just place the hooks in the grooves and your pegboard cap displays are ready to sell!

Pegboard hat displays are made of durable coated metal. Our pegboard cap displays can be used for years thanks to the top grade finish. Available in black or white most of the time. You can not go wrong with pegboard cap displays.

Pegboard hat displays will sell without using up your floors. Because the fixtures can be placed on a wall, you can use the products to sell without using large floor fixtures.

Palay Display has been selling pegboard cap displays and pegboard hat displays for decades.