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Palay Display stocks several lengths of hang hooks for grid panels. Our hang hooks make a great addition to any retail space. They are perfect for hanging grid panels, slatgrid panels, hang-it-all display grid, and signholders. Take your grid panels from the wall to a hanging display. Hang you signage right above the products you want your customers to get excited about! Palay Display offers many sizes and shapes of hang hooks. Choose a length that is right for you. We offer a wide variety of lengths of hang hooks including hooks up to twenty-four inches long. Chat online or call one of our sales representatives to discuss hang hooks for grid panels.


SKU 4341
The "S" Hang Hook can hold up to 15 lbs and is 1" long. The S Hang Hook can be used to hang signage. Create a grid display and hang that grid panel from the ceiling using an S Style Hang Hook. Palay Display offers S Style Hang Hooks in various sizes.
$0.15 EA
SKU 4329
This versatile hanging hook is suited for applications all over your store. Use the "S" shaped hanging hook with ceiling clips, grid panels, and many other fixtures. Constructed from 3/16" rod. Can fit on round tubing up to 1 1/8" diameter.
$0.20 EA
SKU 4355
Trac Hooks. Snaps on all suspended ceilings. Super-Strong Clear Lexan. Packaged per dozen.
$4.70 DZ
SKU 4350
1"W x 1 1/2"H
Metal Two-Piece Ceiling Clip. Two piece hook. Sides interlock to form 1/4" slot. Two "R" or two "L" sided form 1/4" diameter crescent hole or use two "L" or two "R" to create a complete hole. High strength aluminum. White enamel finish. Use only in pairs. 40 pieces per pack which creates 20...
$6.95 PK

Hang hooks for grid panels make a great addition to your grid panel display. Easily hang items from your grid panels using hang hooks. Hang a sign holder right above your products to easily provide information.

Palay Display offers many sizes of hang hooks. Choose from an